Ocean City has a lot to offer – award-winning beach, Boardwalk, bay, entertainment, sports, amusements. Its a little short right now on movie theaters (none) and gas stations (one) and has an abundance of banks and real state offices.

But the Ocean City people are a big part of its appeal.

Like other communities, some people have died and the town is not quite the same without them.

Here is an alphabetical list of 25 people – some personal, some general – in whose absence Ocean City is not quite the same.

Sue Andrews

Fred Benson

Jack Boyd

Jean Campbell

Fenton Carey

Roselia Cobb

Joe Fagan

Butch Gleason

Dick Grimes

Mikenzie Helphenstine

Dixie Howell

Bill Hughes

Jody Kish

Bud Knight

Charles Krattenmaker

Nick Palermo

Don Pileggi

Eddie Rumer

Edythe T. Selvagn

Pat Shallcross

Dave Simpson

Mark Soifer

Tom Williams (the deli guru)

Chet Wimberg

Pete Yard

Just 25 people who have died and Ocean City is not quite the same without them.

How many of them would be on your list? Who else would you include?

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