In a column six months ago, we reflected on 25 people who had died and in whose absence Ocean City just doesn’t seem quite the same.

Add George Thomas to that list (which can be found HERE).

George grew up in Pennsylvania and attended Lower Merion High School, a decade after my mother and many decades before Kobe Bryant. He joined the Marines and was stationed in California. After serving, he returned to suburban Philadelphia and created a successful plumbing supply business.

He and his wife of 64 years, Dolores, invested in real estate and, upon retirement, lived in homes in Ocean City and Florida until eventually settling permanently in their 35th Street home, across the street from the tennis courts.

Though retired, he worked regularly at the Municipal Golf Course, where he developed his strong dislike for Canadian geese.

George had lots of opinions and loved discussing them in his deep, baritone voice. He also had a quick smile, loved driving his red Mercedes and visiting the Somers Point McDonald’s daily with Dolores where Joanne and the staff made sure his coffee was hot and his apple pie warm.

Frequently he would enjoy seeing his grandchildren playing on Ocean City High School sports teams and he watched pride.

George celebrates with his grandson, Brady Rauner, after a big win over Mainland,

He was another of those people who, when grouped together, created the personality of Ocean City. And the city isn’t quite the same without him.

George Thomas was 87.

George and Dolores

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